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School Nutrition Kitchen Staff 07/06/2021
TITLE School Nutrition Kitchen Staff
QUALIFICATIONS 1.High school diploma or equivalent preferred;
2.Must be able to read and write, to use simple arithmetic and to interpret andadjust recipes;
3.An initial physical examination is required; and
4.Meets health and physical requirements throughout the employment period.
JOB GOAL To cheerfully prepare and serve tasty, attractive food in an efficient, clean manner and to know and follow all health and safety rules required by federal, state, and the Board of Education policies and administrative procedures.
DIRECT SUPERVISION School Nutrition - Manager (school-level) and subsequently the School Nutrition Supervisor (system-level)
1.Attend in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of gathering information required to performjob functions;
2.Clean linens, utensils, equipment, and storage, food preparation and serving areas for the purpose ofmaintaining required sanitary conditions;
3.Evaluate prepared food for flavor, appearance, and temperature for the purpose of providing items thatwill be accepted by students and staff;
4.Inspect food items and/or supplies for the purpose of verifying quantity, quality and specifications oforders and/or complying with mandated health standards;
5.Inventory food, condiments, and supplies for the purpose of ensuring availability of items required formeeting projected menu requirements;
6.Assist in the accurate completion of a monthly physical inventory, daily production records, and in thepreparation of other records as deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the program and auditingpurposes;
7.Maintain equipment, storage, food preparation and serving areas in a sanitary condition for the purposeof employing with current health standards;
8.Report immediately to the manager any problem or accident occurring in the kitchen or the cafeteriaareas;
9.Maintain records and reports (e.g. counting and recording the amount of leftovers, number of openedcans, student lunch balances, collection and reconciliation of money, informing students of their lunchbalances, etc.) for the purpose of keeping an accurate record of food used and student accounts;
10.Merchandise food and beverage items for the purpose of serving them to students and staff in an efficientmanner;
11.Monitor kitchen and cafeteria areas (e.g. proper charging procedures for items taken, employee safety,working procedures, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring a safe and sanitary working environment;
12.Oversee the preparation, cooking, and serving of food (e.g. regular food items, special diets, studentswith allergies, etc.) for the purpose of providing students and staff with food of high nutritious quality aswell as meeting individual needs;
School Nutrition Kitchen Staff 2 07/06/2021
13.Perform functions of other nutritional service positions as requested by manager (e.g. cashiering, etc.) forthe purpose of ensuring adequate staff coverage within site nutritional services operations;
14.Prepare food and beverage items according to standardized recipes and established food preparationprocedures (e.g. regular food items, deli sandwiches, baked goods, etc.) for the purpose of meetingmandated nutritional and projected meal requirements;
15.Receive food items and/or supplies and places them in designated areas utilizing temperaturerequirements and food spoilage guidelines for the purpose of ensuring availability of items required formeeting projected menu requirements;
16.Receive, date and put away new stock on shelves ensuring that FIFO and all safe handling procedures areused;
17.Report needed supplies and equipment malfunctions for the purpose of notifying cafeteria manager ofneeded items and repair and/or replacement;
18.Maintain organization calculating and planning food supply and preparation needs for the following day;
19.Serve the appropriate number of food items for the purpose of meeting mandated nutritional requirementsand/or requests of students and school personnel;
20.May be responsible for collecting money during serving time, and reconciling cash with computergenerated reports;
21.Maintain personal appearance and hygiene according to policy; and
22.Perform related duties as assigned by the School Nutrition Manager on the daily work schedule.
Must be physically able to operate a variety of machines, tools, and equipment such as stoves, ovens, kettles, tilt skillets, steamers, slicers, food processors, knives, dish washers, etc. Must be able to use body members to work, move or carry objects or materials. This job may require lifting of objects that exceed fifty (50) pounds, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds. Other physical demands that may be required are as follows:
1.Lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling
2.Climbing and/or balancing
3.Stooping, kneeling, crouching and/orcrawling
4.Reaching, handling and/or feeling
5.Talking and/or hearing
The following safety/health standards apply concerning dress and grooming of school nutrition employees:
1.Clean, neat, stain-free, wrinkle-free clothes are required. Slacks need to be khaki, gray, black or navy. Bluedenim jeans may be worn on Fridays only or on other special occasions when all school employees arewearing blue jeans. All slacks and jeans must be loose fitting. Capri pants are acceptable if below the knee.Stretch pants are not appropriate and cannot be worn, nor can stirrups, jogging pants, sweat pants, slick pants,or shorts.
2.Scarves, ties, etc., present real safety concerns and hazards; these items may not be worn.
3.Slip-resistant shoes are preferred. Shoes with a closed toe must be worn.
4.Aprons approved by the manager may be worn.
School Nutrition Kitchen Staff 3 07/06/2021
5.Employees may participate in special dress days as designated by School Nutrition Supervisor, as long assafety is not jeopardized.
6.Body piercing is not allowed, except for studs or small (1/2 inch or less) hoop earrings. Tattoos must becovered when possible.
7.Employees may not have false/fake nails or wear their fingernails beyond the tip of the finger. No fingernailpolish (including clear polish) is allowed.
8.Employees cannot wear jewelry (necklace, bracelet, watch, etc.) except for a plain wedding band. Whenhands with rings are in contact with ready-to-eat food, gloves must be worn.
9.Hair must be clean, neat and well-maintained. Proper hair restraints must be used. Hairspray is an acceptable
restraint. USE PLENTY. Long hair must be up and pulled away from the face.
A physical must be completed by a licensed physician for all new employees (not substitutes) within ten (10) days of the first paycheck; the provided physical form must be used.
All school nutrition employees are encouraged to take the Hepatitis B vaccine which is provided by the school system at no charge to the employee.
Food Service Establishment Rules 1200-23-1-.02 (7) (a) and (b) states No employee, while infected with a disease in a communicable form that can be transmitted by foods or who is a carrier of organisms that cause such a disease or while afflicted with a boil, an infected wound, or an acute respiratory infection, shall work in a food service establishment in any capacity in which there is a likelihood of such person's contaminating food or food-contact surfaces with pathogenic organisms or transmitting disease to other persons.
Employees must report to their manager when they are experiencing certain symptoms of illness or disease. When deemed necessary, and in accordance with the above rules, the School Nutrition Manager (after first notifying the Director - School Nutrition) can require an employee to submit a doctor's statement affirming that said employee is free of communicable disease or illness. The employee will not be allowed to return to work until the appropriate doctor's statement is received.
Additionally, a doctor's notice is also required after an employee is absent for three (3) consecutive work days. All doctors' statements must be immediately forwarded to the Supervisor Human Resources, and then be placed in the employee's health file.
The required vocational preparation may come from any of the following:
1.Vocational education
2.Apprentice training
3.On-the-job training
4.Essential experience
School Nutrition Kitchen Staff 4 07/06/2021
TEMPERAMENT (Personal Traits)
1.Adaptability to performing a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a differentnature without loss of efficiency or composure.
2.Ability to follow directions well.
3.Adaptability to dealing with people.
4.Adaptability to making generalizations, evaluations, or decisions based on sensory or judgmental criteria.
5.Ability to maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene.
Specific capacities and abilities may be required of an individual in order to adequately learn or perform a task or job duty.
1.Intelligence: Requires the ability to learn and understand relatively complex principles and techniques; tomake independent judgments in absence of supervision; to acquire knowledge of topics related to the jobof school nutrition staff workers
2.Verbal: Ability to understand meanings of words and the ideas associated with them.
3.Manual Dexterity: Ability to move hands easily and manipulate small objects with the fingers.
4.Color Discrimination: The ability to perceive or recognize similarities or differences in colors or shadesor other values of the same color.
5.Attendance: A regular and dependable level of attendance is an essential function for this position.
WORK CONDITIONS May experience some discomfort due to exposure to noise and temperature and as a result of standing for periods of time on inadequate floor material. Expected to work a maximum of eight (8) hours a day (except for part-time positions) for a maximum of 180 full student-school days and additional days (maximum of five) at the discretion of the appropriate School Nutrition Manager and Supervisor of School Nutrition. Deemed to be NON-EXEMPT from the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act in regard to earning (and being appropriately paid) time- and a half for all work over forty (40) hours in the defined work week (Sunday 12:00 a.m. through the following Saturday at 11:59 p.m.). GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. This is not intended to be a complete list of responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so assigned. Assignments are not restricted to those precisely listed in the job description. EVALUATION Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with administrative regulations on evaluation of personnel.

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